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ESMRC – or the Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium – serves as the research arm of ESMC. ESMC members are also ESMRC members. The work of ESMRC is funded by a $10.3M, 3-year grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture (FFAR), matched by $10.3M in cash and in-kind contributions. Cash and in-kind contributions are raised through member dues, member investments in ESMRC goals and objectives, and through philanthropic and other non-federal funding sources of cash and in-kind match.

ESMRC goals and objectives guide investments in the necessary research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) to support a full-scale launch of the ESMC market in 2022. Focus areas include improved and technologically advanced approaches to ecosystem services asset quantification, including Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) technologies and an advanced MRV platform and primary research on soil carbon sequestration.

ESMRC work is achieved through member engagement and through four topical Working Groups, as shown below. All ESMC/ESMRC members can participate in the Working Groups of their choice. Working groups recommend investments in activities and RDD&D to achieve ESMRC goals and objectives, which are voted on by the ESRMC governing structure.

The ESMRC governing structure includes the ESMC Steering Committee and Executive Director, and the ESMRC Executive Committee – comprised of ESMC Founding Circle members, FFAR representation, and ex-officio USDA and DOE representatives. Governing structure members vote on WG recommendations to allow ESMRC investments to flow.

Call for Science Advisor Nominations

The Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC) is seeking independent Science Advisors to fill three vacancies in ESMRC Working Group #1 (GHG Asset Quantification), Working Group #2 (Water Asset Quantification), and Working Group #4 (Soil Carbon Research).

Science Advisors are responsible for providing objective and independent scientific guidance to the ESMRC Working Groups and research projects. Science Advisors may also be asked to review research project proposals, interim project results, and final deliverables for scientific validity. Prospective Science Advisors can self-nominate or be nominated by ESMC members using this form. 

ESMRC is also seeking individuals to provide additional expertise to the Biodiversity Strike Team and Grazing Strike Team. Interested parties who are not affiliated with an ESMC member organization are asked to complete the Expression of Interest/Nomination form, noting which Strike Team they wish to join. Interested parties who are currently affiliated with an ESMC member organization may email Amanda Raster, ESMRC Research Manager, to enroll.

For reference, a description of the current ESMRC Working Groups and Strike Teams is available here.

The call for applications will run through Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Applications will be reviewed by the ESMRC Steering Committee in early April, and new advisors will be announced by April 16, 2021.

Please contact Amanda Raster, ESMRC Research Manager, with any questions about the Science Advisors, Working Groups, or application process.

ESMRC Structure

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