Credit Quantification

The Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC) develops techniques that help fund cost-effective and scalable regenerative agriculture.

Much of ESMRC’s work centers around the development of accurate and cost-effective ways to measure changes in soil health as well as water quality and water quantity. Techniques focus on sequestering and reducing greenhouse emissions as well as reducing farm and ranch runoff.

ESMC is unique in emphasizing an integrated credit quantification approach that maximizes collaboration and promotes transparency.

ESMRC’s Working Groups are discovering new and ever more accurate techniques to measure the conservation farmers and ranchers perform every day.

Participants work closely with members and partners to develop data collection protocols for use across all of our activities. By joining together to collect, document, and share calibration data, ESMRC Working Groups and ESMC members will improve the accuracy and effectiveness of these tools. Our work will contribute to a broader deeper understanding of how conservation techniques contribute to long-term sustainability in agriculture and the broader environment.

ESMRC research will improve the accuracy and affordability of credit quantification across the board. Studies will refine and validate the predicted and measured outcomes while meeting the demands of the marketplace.

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