MMRV Technology

Initial progress means little if not monitored over time. That’s why ESMC places so much importance on Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MMRV) technologies.

ESMC develops tools and technologies to permit long-term monitoring and verification of regenerative agriculture. In particular, ESMC is working with ReGrow on the development and expansion of their OpTIS platform, a satellite system that tracks conservation tillage- and cover crop deployment.

ESMC is developing a secure platform to cost-effectively collect, store, and manage data to support the marketplace. We will use the latest in geospatial technology to produce a land ledger that tracks ecosystem service outcomes across the landscape.

ESMRC’s Working Groups are also refining ESMC’s data collection practices so that farmers and ranchers can report their progress easily and securely. Soon we will have a process that is as private and secure as it is profitable.

Better remote sensing tools and technologies will improve quantification and verification processes for credit buyers as well as farmers and ranchers. Ongoing pilot projects and ground-truthing components will generate confidence in the value of ecosystem service assets while demonstrating increased value to farmer and rancher participants.

Learn more about OpTIS in the video below.

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