Producer Circle Members

Farmers and ranchers are the focus of the program and their role is to ground check the initiative by providing frank and honest feedback.

In July 2020, ESMC launched the Producer Circle and announced the first 28 farmers and ranchers from across the United States selected as the inaugural cohort of Producer Circle members. In September 2020, six additional farmers and ranchers were added. The Producer Circle will serve as an in-house focus group and advisory committee on the all aspects of program delivery, including development of outreach materials, pilot, and protocol development and program operations. The Producer Circle is vitally important to provide farmer and rancher input while pilot testing ESMC’s innovative protocols and the technical assistance, verification, and certification requirements over the next two years in preparation for full market launch in 2022.

The 34 Producer Circle members include: Andrew Moore from Georgia, Brandon Hunnicutt from Nebraska, Britton Blair from Montana and South Dakota, Charles Atkinson from Kansas, Cornelius Key from Georgia, Darren Hoyme from North Dakota, Dave Rylander from Illinois, Debbie Lyons-Blythe from Kansas, Ed Kuykendall from California, Gary Van Horn from Kansas, Gene Lollis from Florida, Jared Gregg from Illinois, Jay Tanner from Utah, Jeff Rice from Kentucky, Jim Faulstich from South Dakota, Joseph Fitzsimons from Texas, Kevin Kester from California, Kip Kummerle from Ohio, Kristin Duncanson from Minnesota, Kyle Brase from Illinois, Lee McDaniel from Maryland, Lee Scheufler from Kansas, Lukas Fricke from Nebraska, Maggie Hanna from Colorado, Mark Isbell from Arkansas, Neal Wilkins from Texas, Patrick O’Toole from Wyoming, Robin Boies from Nevada, Tim Boring from Michigan, Trent Hendricks from Missouri, Trey Hill from Maryland, and Tyler Stafslien from North Dakota.

The Producer Circle members represent the 12 ESMC regions across the United States, with each one bringing a unique perspective to ESMC’s goal of developing an ecosystem services market for agricultural producers and buyers.

Producer Circle Spotlight

Producer Circle Spotlights highlight a Producer Circle member’s story, including their interest and involvement in ESMC’s mission. Click on a Spotlight below for more information.

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