Current Openings

ESMC and ESMRC, the research arm of ESMC, have new positions open immediately for individuals looking to join the ESMC/ESMRC team as highlighted below. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, along with salary requirements, available start dates, and a resume to Please include your name in the title of all files (ex. Jane Doe cover letter). All positions will remain posted until filled.

Lead Engineer
The Lead Engineer will be responsible for the development, oversight and coordination of all technical and product aspects of building, launching, and supporting the Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform through collaboration with the ESMC team, ESMC members, ESMRC Working Group participants, and other contractors. Driving the day-to-day development and long-term product strategy/vision, the candidate’s experience in leading the development of successful technology tools and/or platforms will be key to the success of ESMC’s dynamic, fast-paced team environment where impact and sustainability is at the forefront of the mission. Click here for more information on this position and application requirements.

ESMRC Postdoctoral Researcher/Research Scientist
ESMRC seeks a dedicated ESMRC Postdoctoral Researcher (FTE contractor) with experience in the agricultural field related to water quality and quantity issues to join a small and dynamic, fast-paced team environment. The Postdoctoral Researcher will be responsible for providing additional research and technical expertise to the Working Groups, R&D projects, and pilots/field demonstrations. A dedicated Postdoctoral Researcher will enable more consistent and expert direction and support for WG members engaged in investing and implementing improved tools and approaches to quantify water quality and water use conservation from the agricultural sector, assist in identifying priority research needs, and implement pilot project research while working closely with the ESMRC Program Director and ESMRC Research Coordinator who facilitate coordination with WG’s, research contractors, and necessary linkages to ESMC/ESMRC teams, including protocol adaptation and refinement teams and pilot project teams. The Postdoctoral Researcher will focus on a topic that relates directly to the impacts of soil health and other conservation practices on ecosystem services outcomes within agricultural systems: water quality and water quantity quantification and modeling. Click here for more information on this position and application requirements.