ESMC Technical RFPs

The Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC) Working Groups are focused on the research, development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective, scalable technologies and approaches to launch an ecosystem services market. The Asset Quantification component of this work is led by Working Groups 1 and 2 who have been tasked with developing accurate, cost-effective and scalable quantification of agricultural management system impacts on soil C, net GHG (carbon, methane and nitrous oxide), water quality and water quantity. Working Group 1 (Carbon and GHG Assets) and Working Group 2 (Water Assets) have released the following RFPs.

Working Group 1 Project 1: Advanced Quantification Technology Assessment
PROJECT SUMMARY: This RFP seeks to engage one or multiple partners to identify, assess, test, and map the development of advanced tools and technologies that can more efficiently and cost effectively measure and quantify soil C changes and net GHG reductions to help ESMC generate carbon and GHG assets. The work will include in-field testing of promising innovative tools and technologies on ESMC pilot project sites. View full RFP here.

Working Group 2 Project 1: Evaluation, improvement and scaling of water quality quantification approaches for water asset generation in ESMC’s Integrated Protocol
PROJECT SUMMARY: This RFP seeks to engage one or multiple partners to design and implement testing and evaluation of the APEX water quality model and WQIAg tool approaches as part of ESMC’s Integrated Protocol for water quality credit generation on pilot project sites. The work will cover ESMC’s 2020 pilot regions to demonstrate viable water asset generation, discover needed modeling improvements or adaptations, recommend Protocol refinements, while identifying opportunities to support model calibration, validation, expansion and automation. View full RFP here.

Proposals must be submitted as a PDF document via email to Caroline Wade, ESMRC Project Manager, at by April 7th, 8pm Eastern. Final decisions will be made by April 17th and all vendors will be notified by April 21st. If you have questions regarding this RFP please contact Caroline Wade directly at or 309-231-7440.