ESMC Podcast

Episode 1

In this first episode, we learn about who and what ESMC is and how they are working towards the goal of creating a market for carbon development and offsets in order for farmers and ranchers to capitalize on their carbon storage efforts.

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Episode 2

In today’s show, Episode 2, ESMC Executive Director, Debbie Reed explains agriculture’s potential to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also the potential to store carbon and how that benefits offset markets.

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Episode 3

In this third episode of the ESMC podcast, tune as we explore ESMC’s value to the market, its members and farmers, and ranchers. Get details on how this emerging carbon credit and offset industry is developing with Executive Director, Debbie Reed as she visits with host, Lorrie Boyer.

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Episode 4

In Episode 4 of the ESMC podcast series, we continue to learn about ESMC and its work in creating a program for carbon markets. In today’s episode, learn about the ESMC market program design and the development of the protocols, monitoring reporting, and verification platform, and new technologies.

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Episode 5

ESMC uses a Scope system to determine carbon credits and assets. In today’s discussion, Episode 5,  Executive Director, Debbie Reed talks about Scope 1 and Scope 3 credits and assets that benefit both ESMC members and producers (buyers and sellers).

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Episode 6

In the last five episodes, Executive Director, Debbie Reed has given us a background on ESMC as a non-profit and a start-to-now look at how they have developed a carbon credit market program. She has explained the program design, protocols, monitoring system-  how they bring together buyers and sellers of carbon offsets under this program. In this final episode, listen in and she gives an overview of the pilot projects and explains how they work.

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