MRV Technology

The Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC) will focus on the research, development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective, scalable technologies and approaches to launch the market. The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Technology component of this work will include developing innovative and advanced analytical tools and technologies to cost-effectively quantify, assess, monitor, and verify systems-based impacts of the operations of farmers and ranchers at scale while providing robust and transparent documentation of outcomes. It will also include development of a secure platform to cost-effectively collect, store and manage data inputs and outputs in order to support the marketplace and a land ledger that tracks ecosystem service outcomes in a geospatial manner.

Keeping in mind ESMC’s commitment and priority to meeting the needs of farmers’ and ranchers’, ESMRC’s Working Groups are focused on refining ESMC’s data collection to further streamline the enrollment process and design and build strong data security practices and privacy policies as the foundation for ESMC’s work now and in the future.

By harnessing and supporting further development of remote sensing tools and technologies, ESMC is simplifying the quantification and verification processes both on the farm and as part of efficient, cost-effective asset generation.  Our pilot project comparative research studies and ground truthing components will generate confidence in the value of ecosystem service assets while demonstrating increased on farm value to farmer and rancher participants.

ESMC is working with one of its technical contractors, Dagan, on the development and expansion of the OpTIS platform which utilizes satellite technology to track conservation tillage and coverage crops. Learn more about this technology in the video below.