Our recently launched Eco-Harvest market program for agriculture is the first in the US to reach program and pilot validation and verification under the SustainCERT Value Change Initiative (VCI). You can read our full press release here.

What does this mean? This announcement means SustainCERT has confirmed that the Eco-Harvest program aligns with VCI guidance. SustainCERT also completed verification of one of the project outcomes in our program. We are the first program in the US that meets all VCI requirements for independent verification of soil carbon removals and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

This also means that our program correctly meets the Value Change Initiative Guidance, which will allow us to add new regions and crop types to our Eco-Harvest market program. This map shows the locations and crop types now validated and included in our program. The VCI Guidance alignment also means our projects qualify for verification by SustainCERT every year.

Why is annual verification important? Scope 3 greenhouse gas accounting and corporate reporting occurs annually – removals and reductions must be verified every year and cannot be carried from year to year. ESMC’s Eco-Harvest program is designed to meet these annual cycles to ensure our program removals and reductions can be used by buyers to meet their Scope 3 reporting commitments. Annual verification ensures that can happen.

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