Debbie Reed – Executive Director

Debbie Reed has been selected to guide the new ESM Consortium as its Executive Director. Debbie has been working on this project and its activities since its inception. She has focused on GHG mitigation and ecosystem services from the agricultural sector since 1997, having worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality as the Director of Legislative Affairs and Agricultural Policy; and in the U.S. Senate as a Senior Staff on natural resource and agricultural issues for U.S. Senator Robert Kerrey of Nebraska.  Prior to that she held numerous leadership positions at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including special assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics (REE), and special assistant to the Administrator of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). Her work at USDA included serving on multiple bi-national commissions on agricultural science and technology; and as the USDA Executive Secretariat for the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans. She has graduate and undergraduate degrees in human nutrition/dietetics, chemistry, and communications.

Shiva Scotti – Chief Financial Officer

Shiva Scotti holds a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from The Ohio State University, where she majored in Marketing Management with a minor in International Business. She has worked for several Fortune 100 companies including Kimberly-Clark Corporation on the Kleenex Brand and Abbott Laboratories, as well as in Munich, Germany for a couple years in a leadership marketing role. She also has experience working for a global nonprofit organization, which specialized in climate change mitigation and soil sustainability technologies. Her experience spans an array of businesses and includes developing new products, determining brand positioning and media plans both in the US and abroad, growing relationships with professional sports leagues (i.e. NBA, NFL, NHL and endurance athletes) and sponsors, managing communication strategies internationally, and facilitating global education coursework & projects.  She also served as Executive Director of a leading certified data destruction company, where her efforts delivered higher overall technical efficiency of the business, as well as deeper and stronger client relationships.

Ms. Scotti speaks both Spanish and German conversationally, in addition to her native English tongue, and currently resides in Westerville, Ohio with her husband and four children.

Caroline Wade – Project Manager

Caroline Wade joined ESMC as a Project Manager in September 2019. She will provide administrative, strategic, facilitative and technical support for ESMRC Working Groups focused on research, development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective, scalable technologies and approaches necessary to accomplish the program goals, objectives and outcomes.

Prior to joining the ESMC team, Caroline was the Agriculture Program Director for the Illinois Chapter of The Nature Conservancy where she led TNC’s sustainable agricultural initiatives to improve water quality and soil health, while addressing the impacts of climate change through engagement with local partners and the ag supply chain. She previously worked for the Illinois Corn Growers Association, where she served as the Nutrient Watershed Manager and collaborated with partners in Illinois and across the country on sustainability efforts in agricultural production systems. Throughout her career, she has worked to unite environmental science and agriculture by focusing on practical yet innovative solutions to the many interconnected natural resources issues facing the Midwest and beyond, and by engaging with multiple stakeholders. She has served in collaborative leadership roles for the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP), the Illinois S.T.A.R. program, Field to Market’s Education and Outreach Committee, and in Midwest Row Crop Collaborative project development and implementation.

Caroline graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Environmental Health and Environmental Science and a M.S. in Agriculture. She finds inspiration in the wonders of the natural world and spends her free time enjoying mountain biking, kayaking, camping, hiking and gardening.

Brandy McFadden – Administrative Lead

Brandy McFadden serves as the Administrative Lead at the ESM Consortium, handling scheduling and other administrative support for the team. Working in various fields of administration since 2015 and successfully managing an executive office for the past two years, she has effectively streamlined communications and office operations for over five years. She is excited to bring her efficient organization skills and attention to detail to the ESMC team.

Bruce Knight – ESMC Lead Consultant

Bruce Knight is a nationally recognized expert on conservation, agriculture and the environment. Knight is the principal and founder of Strategic Conservation Solutions, LLC. From 2002 to 2006, Knight served as Chief of Natural Resources Conservation Service, the lead U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agency for conservation on private working agricultural lands. Knight was the Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs at the USDA from 2006-2009. Drawing on his experience as a former association executive, lobbyist, regulator and Capitol Hill staffer, Knight has a broad understanding of how Washington works. He also brings firsthand knowledge of farming to his national policymaking credentials. A third-generation rancher and farmer and lifelong conservationist, Knight operates a diversified grain and cattle operation in South Dakota using no-till and rest rotation grazing systems. His farming and ranching background gives him the opportunity to practice stewardship and husbandry, providing firsthand knowledge of the interdependency of animal, plant and human health with the environment. Knight is a graduate of South Dakota State University, is married and has two children.