Eco-Harvest Invites Proposals to Launch Projects

ESMC is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to invite proposals for Eco-Harvest project development for 2024. This RFP offers an opportunity for implementation partners to develop, launch, and implement regenerative agricultural projects under the Eco-Harvest program. The annual outcomes generated from these projects meet food and beverage supply chain commitments and continue to build out and scale ESMC/ESMRC programing to deliver national scale impacts across the agricultural and food and beverage sector supply chains.

Review the full RFP section on ESMC’s website

ESMC launched Eco-Harvest in May 2022 after more than three years of pilot testing and refinement with agricultural supply chain and value chain partners. Eco-Harvest is an innovative ecosystem services market program that pays farmers for beneficial environmental outcomes from regenerative agriculture. This program meets food and beverage sector annual Scope 3 reporting needs for quantified, verified soil carbon removals and reduced GHG emissions from agricultural production within their supply chains.

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