Asset Quantification

The Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium (ESMRC) will focus on the research, development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective, scalable technologies and approaches to launch the market. The Asset Quantification component of this work will include developing accurate, cost-effective and scalable quantification of agricultural management system impacts on soil C, net GHG (carbon, methane and nitrous oxide), water quality and water quantity.

ESMC is unique in the ecosystem services market for emphasizing an integrated asset quantification approach that maximizes collaboration and promotes  transparency. As ESMRC’s Working Groups are digging into the science and research to identify ways to  improve the calibration and validation of quantification models, they are working collaboratively with members and partners to develop consolidated, harmonized and stacked data collection protocols for use across multiple asset quantification tools. By joining together to catalyze and support coordinated efforts to collect, document and share calibration data, ESMRC Working Groups and ESMC members aim to improve the rigor of these tools and the broader knowledge and understanding of ecosystem services impacts of improved conservation actions.

ESMRC Working Groups are also working collaboratively across member organizations and with guidance from a knowledgeable slate of science advisors to examine current in-field soil sampling practices and procedures to develop an ESMC sampling protocol based on the best available science and strongest statistical methodology to optimize both accuracy of asset quantification and cost-effectiveness. In field pilot project comparative research studies will be designed to refine and validate the predicted and measured outcomes while meeting the requirements of the ecosystem services market demands.